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Common Faults with Garage Doors & How to Fix Them


Here at Grimston Garages, our reputation has been built by supplying and fitting the very best quality garage doors to Leeds, Bradford and the surrounding Yorkshire regions which are stylish, durable yet affordable.


Your garage door will typically operate with little to no trouble for many years, but from time to time some problems may crop up that interferes with your garage door's operation.


This month we're looking into some of the most common garage door's operations and how you can look to rectify them.


Doors are getting stuck part-way


If you notice your door getting stuck partway, then this could be due to accumulated dirt and grunge obstructing the track or jamming the rollers. Make sure no objects or clutter in your garage is getting in the way or resting against the tracks. Even the smallest pebbles or stones can have an effect on the garage door opening and closing properly.


If there is nothing in the way it will most likely be a mechanical issue and a professional will need to make sure it in properly and safely replaced.


Automatic garage door controls

If your door is acting erratically it usually means the batteries are dying (but not completely dead yet). The first thing to do if you are not getting a response from the remote is to replace the batteries.


If you have done this and it is still not working then you should seek expert assistance from your garage door supplier or ourselves as it will most likely be a mechanical problem with the motor, springs or tracks.


Heaviness or stiffness in the garage door opening mechanism

This is often caused by a problem with the garage door tracks Most likely this is due to dirt and gunge hindering the rollers in the track. So be sure to keep these clean. You can clean the tracks easily with a cloth but be sure to be careful and avoid sharp edges whilst cleaning. 


It may also be a case of where the track itself may be damaged or bent somewhere and require specialist attention.


Doors won't stay open

If your garage door only partially opens or gets so far then slips, then it will most likely be a broken or faulty torsion (These run along the top of the garage door) or extension spring mechanism (These are fitted at each side of the garage door).


This is not something that you will be able to fix yourself and should call a specialist such as Grimston Garages out to correctly fix the fault.


We will have your garage door back to optimal capacity and functionality in no time here at Grimston Garages! Contacts us for more information on how we can help you.

Top Tips on Looking After Your Garage Door


 With your garage door being the largest door in your home and the single largest moving part, it is very important to look after it.  Garage doors are well manufactured and designed to help protect your car and other belongings stored inside your garage. Therefore, to look after your garage door’s security and protection from the weather is an essential task and should be added to your household checklist. 


It doesn’t take long to do, and if done regularly it will help save you time and money in the future as it will help prevent things going wrong.


Top tips:

Before you start –

Avoid any injuries by letting everyone in your household know that you’ll be checking the garage door, so that they know not to open or close the door whilst you’re inspecting it.

Make sure you read all the labels on the liquids and lubricants that you plan on using to ensure that they are 100% the right products for the job, to avoid damage to your garage door.

Cleaning and maintaining:

·         The average garage door is used well over 1,000 times per year which means plenty of vibration is working its way towards loosening up everything from bolts to roller brackets. You can simply tighten these up with a socket wrench.

·         Keep track runners clean and free of obstacles but DO NOT oil them.

·         Around twice a year you should treat the springs, spindles, tracks, hinges and latches with a squirt of WD-40, or any other multi-use lubricant spray you wish to use. Be extra careful not to allow any to drip on to the face of the door.

·         If rollers or hinges become stuck due to rust, then dab a little paraffin on them and rub it off with a soft cloth.

·         Keep the door clear of acidic or caustic substances – bird droppings are very common to garage doors and are a problem because of their acidity.

·         Clean your garage door with a washing up liquid solution and it is important to always use a soft cloth/sponge as anything abrasive can permanently damage the surface.

·         Check your weather stripping regularly. This is the strip that runs along the bottom of your garage door. Look for any areas where it may have become brittle, cracked or otherwise broken.

Use the above tips to make sure you get the best performance from your garage door.

If you find that anything needs repairing or replacing whilst inspecting your garage door then please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Grimston Garages as we specialise in both garage door repairs and replacements.